Our History

In 2004, Jamie Cope’s daughter, Hannah, was seven years old. The Vacation Bible School theme that year included a construction barrel character with large eyes and a larger smile. Hannah loved VBS! As she made hand motions and sang, he noticed some teen-aged boys in the room wishing they were anywhere else. They were “helping” the younger kids. Jamie whispered to his wife Amy, “This is awful. There is nothing here for our teens.” She whispered back, “I’m sure they would let you help.”

Jamie used his background in animation to create a program for the teens at Red House Bible Church. The next year, Animated Truth Ministries (originally called “Animation Camp”) was born. There has been at least one successful camp every year since, except for 2020 due to COVID.

Currently, Animated Truth Ministries’ programs are available to churches and organizations around the world – all praise goes to God! Our hope is that Animated Truth Ministries will make an impact by attracting and retaining this critically underserved age group. Please join us in our mission to share the Gospel.

John 6:9 “There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish; but what are these for so many people?”